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Welcome to Harbinger451's Site Map! | Latest News, Updates & Babble from Harbinger451: 451 ePublishing Haus: Rose Blood: The Phantasmagoriad Book One - An Anti-Verse Tale by Peter Guy Blacklock (28-10-2017) | 451 ePublishing Haus: The Anti-Verse Tales series of eBooks and Web-fictions by Peter Guy Blacklock (24-10-2017) | 451 ePublishing Haus: Sneak Peek at Occult-Noir Horror Short Story: "Crucifixions Continue!" by Peter Guy Blacklock (08-07-2017) | 451 ePublishing Haus: Sneak Peek at Occult Horror Short Story: The Ninth Watcher by Peter Guy Blacklock (04-07-2017) | The Horror of it All: Lovecraftian Horror Movie Review: The Void (2016/2017) (13-06-2017) | The Horror of it All: Lovecraftian Book Review: Shoggoths and Sundown Towns - Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff (2016) (10-06-2017) | The Horror of it All: The Druids in Fact, Folklore and Fiction (15-02-2017) | Update: Harbinger451's New Patreon Subscription Page Needs You! (19-01-2017) | The Horror of it All: Lovecraftian Book Review: Whispers From The Abyss (Volume 1, 2013) (03-09-2016) | The Horror of it All: Vampire Horror Movie Reviews: the Nosferatu films 1922, 1979, 1988 & 2000. (08-05-2016) | The Horror of it All: Lovecraftian Horror Movie Review: Re-Animator (1985) (22-04-2016) | The Horror of it All: Lovecraftian Horror Movie Review: The Dunwich Horror (1970) (17-04-2016) | The 451 ePublishing Haus: We made a Promo Video for our upcoming free H. P. Lovecraft eBook (13-04-2016) | Priory of Universal Truth: Universal Truth #2. Knowledge is Power (05-04-2016) | Gaea Parallaxis: Read Gaea Parallaxis and join the adventure in a monumentally strange parallel world! (24-03-2016) | Babble: Guy Fawkes - from Religious Terrorist to the Face of Anonymous Protest (04-11-2014) | Ripperology 101: What are the implications of DNA Evidence linking Aaron Kosminski to a Jack the Ripper Murder? (08-09-2014) | Babble: Asimov's Laws of Robotics Revised and Expanded for Real World Applications (14-05-2014) | This is an adapted Scrolling News Ticker by Mioplanet.
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Rose Blood: The Phantasmagoriad Book One - An Anti-Verse Tale!
Rose Blood:
The Phantasmagoriad Book One
An Anti-Verse Tale
by Peter Guy Blacklock
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