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Welcome to Harbinger451's Priory of Universal Truth! | Latest News, Updates & Babble from Harbinger451: The Horror of it All: Lovecraftian Book Review: Shoggoths and Sundown Towns – Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff (2016) (10-06-2017) | The Horror of it All: The Druids in Fact, Folklore and Fiction (15-02-2017) | Update: Harbinger451's New Patreon Subscription Page Needs You! (19-01-2017) | The Horror of it All: Lovecraftian Book Review: Whispers From The Abyss (Volume 1, 2013) (03-09-2016) | The Horror of it All: Vampire Horror Movie Reviews: the Nosferatu films 1922, 1979, 1988 & 2000. (08-05-2016) | The Horror of it All: Lovecraftian Horror Movie Review: Re-Animator (1985) (22-04-2016) | The Horror of it All: Lovecraftian Horror Movie Review: The Dunwich Horror (1970) (17-04-2016) | The 451 ePublishing Haus: We made a Promo Video for our upcoming free H. P. Lovecraft eBook (13-04-2016) | The Horror of it All: Lovecraftian Horror Movie Review: Curse of the Crimson Altar (1968) (12-04-2016) | The Horror of it All: Lovecraftian Horror Movie Review: Die, Monster, Die! (1965) (08-04-2016) | Priory of Universal Truth: Universal Truth #2. Knowledge is Power (05-04-2016) | The Horror of it All: Lovecraftian Horror Movie Review: The Haunted Palace (1963) (30-03-2016) | Gaea Parallaxis: Read Gaea Parallaxis and join the adventure in a monumentally strange parallel world! (24-03-2016) | Horror Poll: Which actor's portrayal of Dracula is the Best? (26-05-2015) | Babble: Guy Fawkes - from Religious Terrorist to the Face of Anonymous Protest (04-11-2014) | Ripperology 101: What are the implications of DNA Evidence linking Aaron Kosminski to a Jack the Ripper Murder? (08-09-2014) | Babble: Asimov's Laws of Robotics Revised and Expanded for Real World Applications (14-05-2014) | This is an adapted Scrolling News Ticker by Mioplanet.
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Universal Truths
Universal Questions
Universal Fallacies
University of Life, the Universe & Everything
Academy of Universal Philosophy
Zeitgeist Coffee House

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The Priory Forum!

- an Alternative Priory -

- a fellowship of agnostics out to solve the world's mysteries & problems! -

The Priory of Universal Truth's only instruction to it's members is to eagerly study, speculate, discuss and disseminate with the guiding hands of spirited openness and self-limiting skepticism.

The Priory of Universal Truth is not a religion, sect or cult; and has no affiliations with any religious organizations. A secular institution, the Priory of Universal Truth is inspired by a monastic model of scholarly research and esoteric exploration in a serene and reverential space. There are no priests or priestesses, simply Brothers and Sisters joined in Fellowship and in search of Universal Truth.

The Priory's primary aim is to provide a theoretical cosmology set firmly within the realms of possibility & probability while looking for insight into the great Universal Questions of life, the universe and, well... everything - AND - exposing those Universal Fallacies intended to keep the ignorant ignorant.

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- The Priory of Universal Truth -

Comment on, discuss & debate Universal Truths, Universal Questions & Universal Fallacies!

Universal Truths

The facts of life, you can deny them but you can't avoid them!

Face the facts... denial gets you nowhere! A fact has to be verifiable and evident. A truth does not. A fact IS certainly the truth, but a truth does not necessarily have to be a fact. Most truths are entirely relative and are a matter of opinion.

A Universal (or Absolute) Truth IS a fact - unalterable and permanent.

Universal Truth can be a self evident axiom or it can be a universally accepted consensus of opinion. It must be grounded in reality and be supported by reasoned and justifiable logic. It must always be true. It must apply to all people or things - in all places and at all times.

Learn more about Universal Truths


Universal Questions

True or False? Debate the plausibility of some eternal questions!

Explore these proposed answers to some of the most persistent and perplexing of questions and propositions. The answers presented here are Supposed Truths, they can not be proven, nor dis-proven for that matter, and there may never be a consensus of opinion regarding them. Some Truths can be very much open to interpretation. Being impossible to prove, many Supposed Truths may manifest as Faith in an often religious Belief System.

When considering a Supposed Truth, you have to ask - is it plausible or implausible? The greater the probability of a Supposed Truth the more likely it is to be True in the Universal sense. If something doesn't Make Sense, then it is probably NOT the Truth so can only be described as a Supposed one, and a doubtful one at that.

Learn more about Universal Questions (soon)


Universal Fallacies

Supposed Truisms: Lies, lies - they are all lies!

Those supposed truths told to you by your parents and teachers to keep you quite and compliant. Those eternal lies that get told to the masses to keep them down, ignorant and working for a pittance with unquestioning and unthinking obedience. The convenient 'Truths', 'Truisms', 'Tropes' and down-right Lies that are passed down through the generations as absolute or universal Truths but are, in fact, NOT the truth, Not the whole truth and certainly NOT nothing but the truth!

Learn more about Universal Fallacies (soon)


Other Priory of Universal Truth Chapters include:

the University of Life, the Universe and Everything
the University of Life, the Universe and Everything!
Comment on, discuss & debate the nature of life, the universe and yes... everything!

The path to truth in all its forms leads to understanding and wisdom. Subjects up for discussion include the eternal conundrums that are - what is the Nature of the Universe, what is the Nature of Time, what is the Nature of Life, or the Nature of Humanity, and what is the true Nature of Consciousness.

Learn more about the University!

the Academy of Universal Philosophy
the Academy of Universal Philosophy!
Comment on, discuss & debate the universality of myth, religion & occultism!

Study the Universal Mythos - an abstract system of occult symbolism that has been formulated by this Academy to help compare and contrast the various and disparate religious, magical and mythological traditions created by humanity during it's expansion around this island Earth.

Learn more about the Academy!

the Zeitgeist Coffee House
the Zeitgeist Coffee House!
Relax... comment on, discuss & debate the cutting edge signs of the time that make up a contemporary global culture!

Take a Coffee Break & catch up with the latest news stories and cultural phenomena - from reliable and independent news & information sources across the world - vote in our Polls, add to our Lists, Chat Anonymously and get to know some of the other visitors to this alternative online Coffee House.

Learn more about the Coffee House!

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