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- Lovecraftian -

a short biography of H. P. Lovecraft

a collection of photos of the man himself
List of Fiction:

comprehensive list of his fictional works
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download The Weird Tales of H. P. Lovecraft (soon)

other Lovecraftian websites & sources online

films inspired by Lovecraft's works & mythos

games inspired by his works & mythos

music inspired by his works & mythos

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Dollar Dreadful Vol 1:
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The Lovecraftian

- The Lovecraftian -

- Exploring the legacy of H. P. Lovecraft and his Cthulhu Mythos -

The Lovecraftian: purveyor of all the latest news, updates, chatter and trends from the field of Lovecraft lore - the man, his works and his weird worlds of Yog-Sothothery.

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The Adventures of The Lovecraftian:
The Lovecraftian often takes his studies into the field... join his adventurous expeditions into the world of Lovecraft by following him on Twitter where fact and fiction become entwined!
He is currently exploring the fabled city of R'lyeh aboard his Deep-Sea Bathysphere "Nemo" in the depths of the South Pacific (S-48:52:31.748 W-123:23:33.069).

- H. P. Lovecraft (1890-1937) -

Influential and prolific American writer of early twentieth century cosmic horror fiction who saw himself chiefly as a poet - though many believe that it is his immense body of often literary correspondence that is in fact his greatest accomplishment - he wrote over 100,000 letters in his lifetime. He inspired a veritable legion of genre writers then, and to this day, to set their fiction within his strange cultish world.

- The Cthulhu Mythos -

Lovecraft, somewhat light-heartedly, labelled the "Mythos" that he created in his body of work Yog-Sothothery - and also, on rare occasions, referred to his series of connected stories as the Arkham Cycle. It was his friend August Derleth who coined the term "Cthulhu Mythos" (named after one of the monstrous beings that featured in Lovecraft's tales) to encapsulate his epic vision of a chaotic and dark universe filled with unspeakable horror.

- His Dark Legacy Pervades -

Since his death many artists have strived to visualize Lovecraft's often indescribable horrors and his influence can be seen in numerous movies, while his tales have directly inspired the plots of many others. The figments of his fevered imagination have insinuated themselves into the games world as well - from board-, card- and role-playing-games to video- and console-games. Even musicians have been inspired to translate his horrors into their own form of artistic expression.

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- Yog-Sothothery -

a history of events in Lovecraft's fiction

principle characters from Lovecraft's fiction

creatures & monsters mentioned in his fiction

significant items & objects mentioned in his fiction

real & fictional places mentioned in his works
Mythos Builders:

people who have added to his Yog-Sothothery
The Cthulhu Mythos:

Yog-Sothothery - expanded and developed

artwork inspired by his works & mythos

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Dark Matter Vol 1: The Weird Tales of H P Lovecraft eBook - Classic genre fiction!
Dark Matter Vol 1:
The Weird Tales of
H. P. Lovecraft
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