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Harbinger451: an Alternative View!


dark genre writer, illustrator, graphic artist, web-designer & ePublisher


"a progressive culture explores all alternatives and every possibility"
Harbinger451.co.uk is a hub from which you can discover those possibilities through a series of websites, eBooks & videos that blend fact, fiction and folklore to provide an alternative view of life, living & earning in an increasingly digital & online world. Explore these projects using the Quick Links to the right, the icons at the top of the page, or explore below.

Death from the Film - Seventh Seal

provides a curious, funny, dark, informative, insightful, speculative & skeptical commentary on life & living, culture & society, fact & folklore, fiction & film, games & the Internet; plus a myriad of other aspects to the modern human condition - past, present & future.

Who, or what, IS Harbinger451?

Harbinger451 is the online persona of Peter Guy Blacklock.
A dark genre writer, illustrator, graphic-artist, web-designer, ePublisher, Lovecraftian, ripperologist, occultist and Daggerfall Unity Modder.

He's the One in the shadows at the back - everywhere... snorting and sniggering derisive HA!s at everything and everyone.

Harbinger of the Future - Watchman of the Present - Warden of the Past

Natural Born Skeptic

Movie buff and total Horror fan.

He is the Blogger at an Alternative Blog.

The Founder of the Priory of Universal Truth.

The Designer at Harbinger451's Merchandise Mart - yes ... IT'S BACK!

The Creative at the Harbinger451 Channel on YouTube.

A Maker of Daggerfall Unity Mods on NEXUS.

AND the WebMaster here at Harbinger451.co.uk!

Proud sponsor of The Lovecraftian, The Ripperologist & Ominous Anonymous

Idunna777 is his Apprentice and PerzefeniDiz is his Goddess

He is revealing the Truth by Burning the entirely metaphorical Book of Knowledge at the same time as the completely proverbial Candle at Both Ends!

Will you go with him down the Rabbit Hole?
Follow the White Rabbit!

Follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole?!

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an Alternative Blog!

Updates & Babble from Harbinger451!
an Alternative Read!

The 451 ePublishing Haus!
an Alternative Truth!

The Priory of Universal Truth!
an Alternative Chat!

The Zeitgeist CoffeeHouse Club Rooms!
an Alternative Education!

University of Life, the Universe & Everything
an Alternative Philosophy!

Study the Universal Mythos!
an Alternative Reality!

The Horror - Fact, Folklore or pure Fiction?
an Alternative World!

Genre Fiction set in a Parallel World!
an Alternative Daggerfall!

Harbinger451's Mods for Daggerfall Unity!
an Alternative to Paying!

Free for All - eBooks, apps, games & more!
an Alternative Income!

Work from Home & Make Money Online!
an Alternative RPG!

The Anti-Hero role playing system!

eBooks to Buy:
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Rose Blood: The Phantasmagoriad Book One - An Anti-Verse Tale!
Rose Blood:
The Phantasmagoriad Book One
An Anti-Verse Tale
by Peter Guy Blacklock
Buy from only $3.99

Dollar Dreadful Vol 1: A Tangle of Shadows eBook - original genre fiction!
Dollar Dreadful Vol 1:
A Tangle of Shadows
by M. L. Hart
Original Genre Fiction eBook!
Buy for only $1

Foot Prints on the Ceiling - original genre fiction!
Foot Prints on the Ceiling:
Tales of Dreadful Delight
by Eloisa Lamond
Original Genre Fiction eBook!
FREE or Buy on Kindle!

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