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Dark Matter Volume One

The Weird Tales of H. P. Lovecraft

Dark Matter Volume One Cover

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The first in a series of classic dark works from the pioneers of early genre fiction. This volume features all of H. P. Lovecraft's creepy cultish fiction with a good spattering of his relevant essays, poetry, letters and his only sketch of Cthulhu. This eBook also looks at the legacy of his Cthulhu Mythos - an epic vision of a chaotic and dark universe filled with unspeakable horror - which inspired a veritable legion of genre writers then, and to this day, to set their fiction within his strange cultish world.

      Lovecraft is probably best known as a writer of weird fiction but he saw himself chiefly as a poet - though many believe that it is his immense body of often literary correspondence that is in fact his greatest accomplishment - he wrote over 100,000 letters in his lifetime.

      This collection is concerned primarily with his fiction and it contains ALL of his extant tales, including his juvenilia, his collaborative and his revision works. It also has selected examples of his poetical and non-fiction works that were thought to be of interest not only to a fan of his fiction and Mythos in particular - but also to a fan of horror and weird fiction in general.

      Lovecraft's influence can be seen in numerous movies and his tales have directly inspired the plots of many others. The figments of his fevered imagination have insinuated themselves into the games world as well - from board-, card- and role-playing-games to video- and console-games. His dark legacy pervades.

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List of Contents

Foreword: About this first volume of Dark Matter.

Preface: A short biography of Howard Philips Lovecraft by Peter Guy Blacklock
(Click Here to read this Short Biography now!)

The Weird Tales of H. P. Lovecraft:
1. The Little Glass Bottle (1897)
2. The Mystery of the Grave-Yard (1898)
3. The Secret Cave [or John Lees Adventure] (1898)
4. The Mysterious Ship [Long Version] (1902)
5. Poemata Minora, Volume II (sonnet cycle; 1902)
6. The Beast in the Cave (21 April 1905)
7. The Alchemist (1908)
8. Unda [or, The Bride of the Sea] (poem; c. 30 September 1915)
9. An American to Mother England (poem; January 1916)
10. The Poe-et's Nightmare (poem; 1916)
11. The Rose of England (poem; October 1916)
12. Fact and Fancy (poem; February 1917)
13. A Garden (poem; April 1917)
14. The Tomb (June 1917)
15. Dagon (July 1917)
16. A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson (1917)
17. Sweet Ermengarde (1917)
18. Nemesis (poem; 1 November 1917)
19. Astrophobos (poem; c. 25 November 1917)
20. Laeta; a Lament (poem; February 1918)
21. Polaris (May? 1918)
22. Psychopompos: A Tale in Rhyme (poem; late 1917 - summer 1918)
23. At the Root (essay; 1918)
24. The Conscript (poem; 1918?)
25. The Green Meadow (by Winifred Virginia Jackson with major revisions by Lovecraft; 1918/19)
26. Despair (poem; c. 19 February 1919)
27. Revelation (poem; March 1919)
28. Beyond the Wall of Sleep (1919)
29. Memory (1919)
30. Old Bugs (1919)
31. The House (poem; c. 16 July 1919)
32. The City (poem; October 1919)
33. To Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Eighteenth Baron Dunsany (poem; November 1919)
34. The Nightmare Lake (poem; December 1919)
35. The Tree (1920)
36. The Transition of Juan Romero (16 September 1919)
37. The White Ship (November 1919)
38. The Doom That Came to Sarnath (3 December 1919)
39. The Statement of Randolph Carter (December 1919)
40. The Terrible Old Man (28 January 1920)
41. On Reading Lord Dunsany's Book of Wonder (poem; March 1920)
42. The Cats of Ulthar (15 June 1920)
43. Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family [or The White Ape] (1920)
44. Poetry and the Gods (with Anna Helen Crofts; 1920)
45. The Street (1920?)
46. The Temple (1920)
47. Celephaïs (early November 1920)
48. From Beyond (16 November 1920)
49. Nyarlathotep (early December 1920)
50. The Picture in the House (12 December 1920)
51. The Crawling Chaos (by Winifred Virginia Jackson with major revisions by Lovecraft; 1920/21)
52. Ex Oblivione (1920/21)
53. The Nameless City (January 1921)
54. The Quest of Iranon (28 February 1921)
55. The Moon-Bog (March 1921)
56. The Outsider (1921)
57. The Other Gods (14 August 1921)
58. The Music of Erich Zann (December 1921)
59. Herbert West - Reanimator (September 1921-mid 1922)
60. Hypnos (March 1922)
61. What the Moon Brings (5 June 1922)
62. Azathoth (fragment; June 1922)
63. The Horror at Martin's Beach (by Sonia H. Greene with minor revisions by Lovecraft; June 1922)
64. The Hound (September 1922)
65. The Lurking Fear (November 1922)
66. Waste Paper (poem; late 1922? early 1923?)
67. The Ghost-Eater (by C. M. Eddy, Jr. with minor revisions by Lovecraft; 1923)
68. The Loved Dead (by C. M. Eddy, Jr with minor revisions by Lovecraft.; 1923)
69. The Rats in the Walls (August-September 1923)
70. The Unnamable (September 1923)
71. The Festival (October 1923)
72. Ashes (by C. M. Eddy, Jr. with minor revisions by Lovecraft; 1923)
73. Under the Pyramids (with Harry Houdini; February-March 1924)
74. Deaf, Dumb, and Blind (by C. M. Eddy, Jr. with minor revisions by Lovecraft; 1924?)
75. Providence (poem; 26 September 1924)
76. The Shunned House (16-19 October 1924)
77. The Cats (poem; 15 February 1925)
78. The Horror at Red Hook (1-2 August 1925)
79. He (11 August 1925)
80. In the Vault (18 September 1925)
81. Festival (poem; December 1925)
82. Cool Air (March 1926)
83. Hallowe'en in a Suburb (poem; March 1926)
84. Pickman's Model (1926)
85. The Descendant (fragment ; 1926?)
86. The Silver Key (1926)
87. The Call of Cthulhu (Summer 1926)
88. Two Black Bottles (by Wilfred Blanch Talman with minor revisions by Lovecraft; July-October 1926)
89. The Strange High House in the Mist (9 November 1926)
90. Cats and Dogs (essay; 23 November 1926)
91. The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (Autumn? 1926-22 January 1927)
92. The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (January-1 March 1927)
93. The Colour Out of Space (March 1927)
94. History of the Necronomicon (1927)
95. The Last Test (by Adolphe de Castro with major revisions by Lovecraft; 1927)
96. Supernatural Horror in Literature (essay; late 1925-summer 1927)
97. The Very Old Folk (2 November 1927)
98. From a Letter to Donald Wandrei (Fragment; 24 November 1927)
99. Letter to Clark Ashton Smith (27 November 1927)
100. The Dunwich Horror (Summer 1928)
101. The Curse of Yig (by Zealia Bishop with major revisions by Lovecraft; 1928)
102. Ibid (1928?)
103. The Wood (poem; January 1929)
104. The Electric Executioner (by Adolphe de Castro with major revisions by Lovecraft; 1929?)
105. The Outpost (poem; 26 November 1929)
106. The Ancient Track (poem; 26 November 1929)
107. The Messenger (poem; 30 November 1929)
108. The Mound (by Zealia Bishop with major revisions by Lovecraft; December 1929-early 1930)
109. Fungi from Yuggoth (sonnet cycle; 27 December 1929-4 January 1930)
110. Medusa's Coil (by Zealia Bishop with major revisions by Lovecraft; May 1930)
111. The Whisperer in Darkness (24 February-26 September 1930)
112. At the Mountains of Madness (February-22 March 1931)
113. Discarded Draft of The Shadow Over Innsmouth (1931)
114. The Trap (by Henry S. Whitehead with minor revisions by Lovecraft; late 1931)
115. The Shadow Over Innsmouth (November?-3 December 1931)
116. The Dreams in the Witch House (January-28 February 1932)
117. The Horror in the Museum (by Hazel Heald with major revisions by Lovecraft; October 1932)
118. The Man of Stone (by Hazel Heald with major revisions by Lovecraft; 1932)
119. Through the Gates of the Silver Key (with E. Hoffmann Price; October 1932-April 1933)
120. The Hoard of the Wizard-Beast (with R. H. Barlow; 1933)
121. Out of the Aeons (by Hazel Heald with major revisions by Lovecraft; 1933)
122. The Slaying of the Monster (with R. H. Barlow; 1933)
123. Winged Death (by Hazel Heald with major revisions by Lovecraft; 1933)
124. Notes on Writing Weird Fiction (essay; 1933)
125. The Thing on the Doorstep (21-24 August 1933)
126. The Evil Clergyman (fragment; October 1933)
127. The Book (fragment; late 1933?)
128. Cthulhu (a sketch by H. P. Lovecraft; 11 May 1934)
129. The Tree on the Hill (by Duane W. Rimel with minor revisions by Lovecraft; May 1934)
130. The Battle that Ended the Century (with R. H. Barlow; June 1934)
131. The Horror in the Burying-Ground (by Hazel Heald with major revisions by Lovecraft; 1933/35)
132. The Shadow Out of Time (November 1934-March 1935)
133. "Till A' the Seas" (by R. H. Barlow with minor revisions by Lovecraft; January 1935)
134. Collapsing Cosmoses (with R. H. Barlow; June 1935)
135. The Challenge from Beyond (with C. L. Moore; A. Merritt; Robert E. Howard, and Frank Belknap Long; August 1935)
136. The Disinterment (by Duane W. Rimel with minor revisions by Lovecraft; September 1935)
137. The Diary of Alonzo Typer (by William Lumley with minor revisions by Lovecraft; October 1935)
138. The Haunter of the Dark (November 1935)
139. In the Walls of Eryx (with Kenneth Sterling; January 1936)
140. In a Sequester'd Providence Churchyard Where Once Poe Walk'd (poem; 8 August 1936)
141. The Night Ocean (by R. H. Barlow with minor revisions by Lovecraft; Autumn? 1936)
142. To Clark Ashton Smith, Esq., upon His Phantastick Tales, Verses, Pictures, and Sculptures (poem; c. 11 December 1936)
143. Life's Mystery (poem; undated)
144. Nathicana (poem; undated)

Appendix: The Legacy of his Cthulhu Mythos.

List of Publications: Publications featuring H. P. Lovecraft's work.

About this Publication and it's Publisher: The Dark Matter Series and the 451 ePublishing House.


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