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Gaea Parallaxis!

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- the chronicles -

Dramatis Personae

Who are these people?

The Premise
Chapter One

Hand of the Hypnogogue
Chapter Two

What’s in a Name?
Chapter Three

A question of Time.
Chapter Four

A brace of Black Shucks!
Chapter Five

Showdown at Grey Wayfarer's Inn!
Chapter Six

The Shadow Watch Interrogation.
Chapter Seven

Coming soon.
Chapter Eight

Coming soon.
Anti-Verse eBooks

More fiction set within the Gaea Parallaxis world.
Multi-Verse Digest!

Parallel universes & other continua

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- Gaea Parallaxis -

- the chronicles and testaments of Citizen No Name Kane -

- Glossary -

An alphabetical list of new, rare or obscure words and terms that are used within these chronicles and testaments. Common Tongue spellings are given [in square brackets].

antimatter: matter whose elementary sub-atomic particles (quanta) are the antiparticles, identical to ordinary quanta but with opposite electromagnetic charge and opposite angular momentum (spin).

anti-verse: a hypothetical universe comprised predominantly, or entirely, of antimatter.

Borea [Boriya]: a region in the anti-verse that roughly corresponds with the continent of Europe and the northern parts of western Asia in our world. Those parts within the north polar regions are commonly called Hyperborea.

Common Era [Kommon Iyra]: the current era of Gaea Parallaxis which is counted from Year Zero, the year that Edgar the Good formed the first Free Commonwealth and founded the Priory of Universal Truth. Year Zero seems to be approximately equivalent to the year 1000AD in our universe - but this is only a rough estimate.

Common Tongue [Kommon Tung]: the most widely used language of Gaea Parallaxis - not dissimilar to the English language of our world but with some very important differences - see Appendix 1 HERE.

Fifteen Tolls: marking Eventide [Iyventaiyd] at 15:00 hours, the beginning of the evening quarter and the start of the first evening Watch - see Appendix 4 HERE.

Fogmonth [Fogmunth]: the eleventh month of the year according to the Common Calendar, often abbreviated to Fog. It has thirty days and is approximately equivalent to the period we know as Scorpio (23 Oct – 21 Nov) in our zodiacal calendar. See Appendix 3 HERE.

Free Commonwealth: an alliance of independent sovereign states and territories that have signed the Free Commonwealth Co-operative Charter; primarily, signatories are required to adopt a secular system of representative government based on the ideals of commonwealth, to uphold systems of Common Law and Individual Rights over-seen by a judiciary independent of the governmental legislature and executive, to participate in the Common Monetary System and to enable a limited free-market economy. The Charter also requires signatories to partake in a binding treaty of mutual aid and military co-operation and support.

Hallowtide [Haloataiyd]: the yearly festival of remembrance, which includes: Hallows Eve (15 Fog), an ancient celebration in which bonfire’s and jack-o'-lanterns are lit to mark the end of autumn and of the harvest season; Hallows Day (16 Fog), the first day of winter, when all those who have given their lives for others or in the service of the Free Commonwealth are commemorated and honoured; and the Day of the Dead (17 Fog), when all the ancestors are commemorated. See Appendix 3 HERE.

Hypnogogue: the (mythical or metaphorical) personification of a guiding (supernatural) agent that induces or brings on a state of sleep. Compare to hypnagogue - a medical agent (drug) that induces sleep, and hypnogogic - a state of transitioning into sleep. Contrasts with hypnopomp - an agent that brings one out of sleep, and hypnopompic - a state of transitioning from sleep.

Nod [Gnodd]: a region in the anti-verse that roughly corresponds with the southern and central parts of Western Asia - the Middle East of our world - perhaps analogous with the Biblical land of Nod that was said to lie East of Eden, which itself is analogous with the anti-verse [Iyden] and corresponds with Africa - from where all humanity originated.

parallax: (from the Greek/Latin parallaxis = change, alternation, angle between two lines)
1, the fact of seeing wrongly or in a distorted way.
2, an apparent change in the position (or perception) of an object caused by a change in the position (or perception) of the observer.

Priory [Prayoriy], the: a commonly used shortening of the Priory of Universal Truth - an ancient and venerable secular institution based on a monastic model; dedicated to the safe-guarding, investigation and dissemination of truth and knowledge.

Secularic [Sekyularik]: an ordained official of the secular institution known as the Priory. The Secularics are the keepers and teachers of truth. They wear dark blue robes.

Solsday [Solsdia]: the seventh day of the week, named after the ancient pagan Sun goddess Sol of northern Borea [Boriya] - see Appendix 2 HERE.

Sophiaric [Soffiyarik]: an ordained official of the secular institution known as the Priory. The Sophiarics are the seekers and investigators of truth. They wear dark green robes.


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Gaea Parallaxis!

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- the testaments -


What does that word mean?
Introduction to Appendices

What & where IS the Anti-Verse?
Appendix 1

The Common Tongue.
Appendix 2

The Lunar Cycle.
Appendix 3

The Solar Cycle.
Appendix 4

Tolls of the Watch.
Appendix 5

Economy of the Sovereign Coin.
Appendix 6

Weights and Measures.
Appendix 7

The Hominid and other Races.
Appendix 8

Coming soon.
Anti-Verse RPG Setting

Role-playing set within the Gaea Parallaxis world.
Anti-Hero RPG

Universal role playing game rules.

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