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Gaea Parallaxis!

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- the chronicles -

Dramatis Personae

Who are these people?

The Premise
Chapter One

Hand of the Hypnogogue
Chapter Two

What’s in a Name?
Chapter Three

A question of Time.
Chapter Four

A brace of Black Shucks!
Chapter Five

Showdown at Grey Wayfarer's Inn!
Chapter Six

The Shadow Watch Interrogation.
Chapter Seven

Coming soon.
Chapter Eight

Coming soon.
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- Gaea Parallaxis -

- the chronicles and testaments of Citizen No Name Kane -

- Appendix 1: The Common Tongue -

The Common Tongue is the most widely used language in Gaea Parallaxis; derived, for the most part, from the old Saxanglish language of the Saxangland kingdoms that made up the first Free Commonwealth states, but also incorporating elements of the Keltik, Nordik and Romanik languages of the surrounding nations in the rest of the Britannika islands and in the wider continent of Boriya. Not only did usage of the Common Tongue spread around the world as the Free Commonwealth alliance expanded beyond the confines of Britannika and then Boriya, but also the Common Tongue itself expanded as it incorporated words and elements from those parts of the world that it came into contact with - the logic apparently being, why make up a new word for a thing when another language has already gone to the trouble of coming up with one.
      This Common Tongue is very much a bastardised language - this might explain why its usage has become so pervasive in the Gaea Parallaxis world, so much so that it has become the international language of law, philosophy, economics, navigation, science and diplomacy. As a spoken language the Common Tongue is mostly (but certainly not entirely) indistinguishable from the English language of my own world - spoken with a flat, and to my ears, northern English (and slightly Germanic) accent - but with many words and terms that are new to me. Also, it took me some time to properly interpret the Common Tongue in written form.
      Despite being surprisingly similar to the alphabet used in the English language, there are a few notable differences in the Common Tongue alphabet and its usage in writing - especially regarding the phonetic sounds of some of the letters used. Generally each letter has a single specific sound (unlike English, in which individual letters can have multiple sounds depending on their position and context within a word), for example; C or c always indicates a ch sound and Q or q always indicates a kh sound. It should also be noted that the letter Y or y is treated as a sixth vowel. So the structure of the written word in the Common Tongue can be very different from that in English.
      For my own reference I've devised a list of the letters and common combinations of letters used in the Common Tongue below - with the phonetic sound of each detailed along side.

Upper- & lower-case Common Tongue letters : [English equivalent] : English (or other language) examples with applicable phonetic element in bold italics.

A & a : [a] : at, sat, grass, path

B & b : [b] : bat, rub

C & c : [ch] : chair, match, (Ita) ciao

D & d : [d] : door, gladden, sad

E & e : [e] : egg, bet, red, thread

F & f : [f] : feel, philosophy, fox, front

G & g : [g] : gate, toggle, log

H & h : [h] : hell, hat

I & i : [i] : imp, pin, till, busy, hymn

J & j : [j] : jump, page, general, digital, gorge

K & k : [k] : cork, chasm, quick

L & l : [l] : lift, halt, bevel

M & m : [m] : milk, sum, lump

N & n : [n] : no, heaven, end

O & o : [o] : shop, pot, shone

P & p : [p] : pot, lap

Q & q : [kh] : (Sco) loch, (Spa) jalapeno, (Ger) ach

R & r : [r] : road, borrow, merry

S & s : [s] : slow, lace, miss

T & t : [t] : top, lot, better

U & u : [u] : up, but, other, love

V & v : [v] : van, of, even

W & w : [w] : water, one, twig, quick

X & x : [x/ks/gs] : box, lax, expect

Y & y : [y] : yellow, bastion, you, join

Z & z : [z] : zero, xylophone, lazy, roads

Common combinations of Common Tongue letters : English (or other language) examples with applicable phonetic element in bold italics:

Repeating a consonant accentuates and lengthens the sound briefly:

rr : burr, (Fre) raison

ss : hiss, kiss

Repeating a vowel also accentuates and lengthens the sound briefly:

aa or ä : father, harm, heart

oo or ö : floor, for, more, fall, lawn, haul

uu or ü : could, would, good, wood

Vowel combination sounds (diphthongs):

au : your, flavour, cheetah, thorough

ay : side, shy, height, hire, byre, eye

ea : hair, dare, pear, there, vary

eu : learn, bird, turn, absurd, word

ia : pain, pay, rein, late, name

iy : chief, feet, here, deal, seize, carefully

oa : boat, bone, low, dough, no

oy : toy, soil, oyster

uo : buoy, note, wrote

yu : tune, due, newt

Vowel and consonant combination sounds:

aw : frown, mount, sour

ow : awning, trawl, crawl

uw : do, blue, who, you, two

uuw or üw : school, moor, tour, (Welsh) arrwn

Consonant combination sounds:

dh : the, there, mother

th : thin, thought, thorough

ng : playing, thing, tongue, bank, conquer

sh : shop, motion, cheroot

wh : why, when, where

gn : gnosis, gnat, (Ita) gnocchi, know, knee, knuckle

zj : measure, azure, lesion


Citizen No Name Kane

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Gaea Parallaxis!

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- the testaments -


What does that word mean?
Introduction to Appendices

What & where IS the Anti-Verse?
Appendix 1

The Common Tongue.
Appendix 2

The Lunar Cycle.
Appendix 3

The Solar Cycle.
Appendix 4

Tolls of the Watch.
Appendix 5

Economy of the Sovereign Coin.
Appendix 6

Weights and Measures.
Appendix 7

The Hominid and other Races.
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