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- the chronicles -

Dramatis Personae

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The Premise
Chapter One

Hand of the Hypnogogue
Chapter Two

What’s in a Name?
Chapter Three

A question of Time.
Chapter Four

A brace of Black Shucks!
Chapter Five

Showdown at Grey Wayfarer's Inn!
Chapter Six

The Shadow Watch Interrogation.
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The Gaea Parallaxis Lunar Cycle

- Gaea Parallaxis -

- the chronicles and testaments of Citizen No Name Kane -

- Appendix 2: The Lunar Cycle & the Days of the Week -

A week in the anti-verse world of Gaea Parallaxis can either have seven or eight days depending on how it falls within an ancient lunar calendar. The origins of this calendar have been largely lost, but it is assumed to date back to the prehistoric hunter-gatherer societies that first settled into an agricultural lifestyle in the fertile river valleys of central Nod [Gnodd]. The names of the anti-verse week days used today however, have a much more recent origin, they are based on the pagan gods of northern Borea [Boriya] that were worshipped at the beginning of the Common Era and have subsequently passed into Common Tongue usage. Common Tongue spellings are given [in square brackets].

The days of the week are:

1. Manisday [Maniysdia]: named after the goddess of the moon, of witchcraft and the hunt - Mani [Maniy].

2. Tyrsday [Tiyrsdia]: named after the god of war, law and order - Tyr [Tiyr].

3. Wodensday [Wodensdia]: named after the god of wisdom, knowledge and magic - Woden.

4. Thunorsday [Thuwnorsdia]: named after the god of thunder and lightning, of honour and loyalty - Thunor [Thuwnor].

5. Fryjasday [Friyasdia]: named after the goddess of joy, love and fertility - Fryja [Friya].

6. Seatersday [Seatersdia]: named after the god of the dead, of wealth and of agriculture - Seater.

7. Solsday [Solsdia]: named after the goddess of the sun, of the hearth and the home - Sol.

8. Baldersday [Baldersdia]: named after the god of poetry and skill, harmony and wise council - Balder.

In the ancient calendar a lunar month, commonly termed a Moon [Muuwn or Müwn], is the period of time in which the phases of the moon complete one full phase cycle from new moon to new moon. This is technically termed its synodic [sinodik] period and lasts approximately 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.9 seconds. Each Moon is divided into four quarters, or weeks [wiyks], that mark the four quarter points of the moon's phases, new moon, waxing half moon, full moon and waning half moon. A new week starts, with Manisday, at each of these points.

As a consequence of the fact that the synodic period cannot be divided evenly into four weeks containing an equal number of days (4x7=28, 4x8=32), a cycle of weeks of differing lengths is employed over a period of sixty-five Moons, or a Lunar Year, to keep the phases of the moon more or less aligned with the days of the week.

This Lunar Year not only requires that there be two types of week, a standard week of 7 days, and an extended week of 8 days; but also requires that there be three types of lunar month or Moon; a Short, a Long and a Blue [Bluw] Moon.

A Short Moon has 3 standard weeks and 1 extended week (at the end), giving a total of 29 days.

A Long Moon has 2 standard weeks and 2 extended weeks (running alternately), giving a total of 30 days.

A Blue Moon, which occurs every 32nd and 65th Moon in the cycle, has 1 standard week (at the beginning) and 3 extended weeks, giving a total of 31 days.

The full 65 Moon Lunar Year always starts with a Short Moon followed by a Long Moon, from then the Moons alternate between those two types till the 32nd, which is the first Blue Moon. This is followed again by alternating Short and Long Moons until the 65th and last Moon in the cycle, which is the second Blue Moon.


Citizen No Name Kane

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- the testaments -


What does that word mean?
Introduction to Appendices

What & where IS the Anti-Verse?
Appendix 1

The Common Tongue.
Appendix 2

The Lunar Cycle.
Appendix 3

The Solar Cycle.
Appendix 4

Tolls of the Watch.
Appendix 5

Economy of the Sovereign Coin.
Appendix 6

Weights and Measures.
Appendix 7

The Hominid and other Races.
Appendix 8

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