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Explore Welcome to The Ripperologist's List of Documentaries about Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel Murders Explore

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Ripperology 101:
exploring the Whitechapel Murders and Jack the Ripper
The Victims:

those who fell victim to the Whitechapel Murderer/s
The Witnesses:

those who witnessed key aspects of the Whitechapel Murders
The Trophies & Clues:

a list of that which was taken & that which was left behind
The Letters:

an assessment of the many letters claiming responsibility
The Places:

the scenes of crime and related places of interest
The Links:

websites concerning Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel Murders
The Movies:

fictional films & TV-shows inspired by the crimes of Jack the Ripper
The Songs & Soundscapes:

music inspired by the crimes of the Ripper

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- “Jack the Ripper” Documentaries -

- factual film and television shows about the Whitechapel Murders -

This chronological list of “Jack the Ripper” documentaries includes purely factual accounts of the Whitechapel Murders as well as more speculative (and skewed) accounts attempting to identify a particular suspect (or conspiracy of suspects) as the unidentified Whitechapel Murderer or Murderers.
      Many of these documentaries can be found on YouTube - check out The Ripperologist's Jack the Ripper Documentaries Playlist HERE on the Harbinger451 Channel. NB: some of the titles that these documentaries are listed as on YouTube do not accurately reflect the actual title of the documentary featured.

01. Farson's Guide To The British - Jack the Ripper (1959)

02. Barlow & Watt: Jack The Ripper (1973)

03. In Search of S03E05 - Jack the Ripper (1978)

04. Jack The Ripper: The Final Solution (1980)

05. Timewatch - Shadow Of The Ripper (1988)

06. The Secret Identity Of Jack The Ripper (1988)

07. Secrets and Mysteries / Secrets of the Unknown - Jack the Ripper (1988/89)

08. Crime Monthly - Jack the Ripper (1990)

09. The Diary Of Jack The Ripper: Beyond Reasonable Doubt (1993)

10. Biography - Jack The Ripper: Phantom Of Death (1995)

11. Scotland Yard's Greatest Investigations - Jack the Ripper (1996)

12. Secret History S04E02 - The Whitechapel Murders (1996)

13. Serial Killers - Jack the Ripper (1998)

14. The Why Files - Jack the Ripper (1999-)

15. History's Mysteries S12E02 - The Hunt For Jack The Ripper (2000)

16. Jack The Ripper: An On-Going Mystery (2000)

17. London's Scariest Mysteries - Who Was Jack the Ripper? (2001)

18. To Kill And Kill Again S01E01 - Jack The Ripper (2002)

19. Omnibus - Patricia Cornwell: Stalking The Ripper (2002)

20. [?] The Trial of Jack the Ripper [?]

21. Jack The Ripper Conspiracies (2003)

22. Bloody Britain S01E07 - Jack the Ripper (2004)

23. Uncovering Jack The Ripper's London (2005?)

24. Unmasking Jack the Ripper (2005)

25. Is It Real? S03E03 - Jack the Ripper (2006)

26. [?] Jack The Ripper Revealed: The Truth At Last (2006) [?]

27. Revealed [#1] S05E02 - Jack The Ripper: The First Serial Killer (2006)

28. Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper (2006)

29. Jack The Ripper: Case Unsolved (2007)

30. Vic Reeves Investigates - Jack The Ripper (2007)

31. In the World of Jack the Ripper (2008)

32. Secrets of the Crime Museum S01E06 - Jack the Ripper (2008)

33. America's Serial Killers: Portraits in Evil S01E01 - The Monster Within and Among Us: The Case of Jack the Ripper (2009)

34. Unearthing Ancient Secrets S01E07 - Jack the Ripper (2009)

35. Revealed [#2] S08E01 - Jack The Ripper: Tabloid Killer (2009)

36. Jack The Ripper: Killer Revealed [#1] (2009)

37. MysteryQuest S01E08 - Jack The Ripper (2009)

38. Jack the Ripper in America (2009 or 2010?)

39. The Real Jack the Ripper (2010)

40. Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Story (2011)

41. Jack the Ripper: Prime Suspect / The Australian Suspect (2011)

42. Find My Past S01E06 - Jack the Ripper (2011)

43. Finding Jack the Ripper AKA Jack the Ripper: The German Suspect / New Suspect Revealed / Killer Revealed [#2] (2011)

44. Jack the Ripper: This Time You'll Walk With Him (2011)

45. Finding the True Identity of Jack the Ripper (2012)

46. Fred Dinenage, Murder Casebook S03E01 - Jack the Ripper (2013)

47. Jack the Ripper: Re-investigating the Evidence and Suspects (2013?)

48. The Missing Evidence S01E03 - Jack the Ripper (2014)

49. [?] Jack the Ripper (2016) [?]


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