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Harbinger451: an Alternative Daggerfall!

Harbinger451's Mods for Daggerfall Unity

the modern remaster of the classic 1996 CRPG



The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall is an open-world, action role-playing game published by Bethesda Softworks. The second video game in the Elder Scrolls series, it was released in 1996, for MS-DOS, following the success of 1994's The Elder Scrolls: Arena. The story follows the player, sent by the Emperor, to free the ghost of King Lysandus from his earthly shackles and discover what happened to a letter sent from the Emperor to the former queen of Daggerfall.

The game was a massive commercial and critical success at the time and even today is a bonofide CULT CLASSIC with many devoted fans still playing it. Read more about Daggerfall on Wikipedia HERE.

You can download the original Daggerfall game direct from Bathesda HERE, but I recommend that, if you want to play the original DOS version of this game, download the DaggerfallSetup version (a community-made Daggerfall installer for modern Windows computers) from the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Page (UESP) HERE. Both these versions are free. The UESP also has a very thorough guide to this complex game with many hints and walktroughs to aid you in your old-school adventuring.

Daggerfall Unity

Daggerfall Unity is a free and open-source recreation of Daggerfall by Interkarma. Beginning development in 2014, it uses the Unity game engine to rewrite the game with updated graphics and mechanics, as well as full mod support through Nexus Mods. Though technically still in active development it is available for download on the project's official GITHUB page HERE and it is playable from start to finish with all the core features of the original Daggerfall... and is much more stable and comparatively bug free.

Daggerfall Unity has a thriving community of modders taking advantage of the modern capabilities this recreation affords to further add to, improve and enhance many gameplay, graphics, content and "quality of life" aspects of the game. At the time of writing the number of mods is fast approaching 500.

The best place to start looking for Daggerfall Unity mods is the Nexus Mods site HERE, and the Daggerfall Workshop Forums HERE where you can also find extensive guides to producing your own mods.

Harbinger451's Daggerfall Unity Mods

As an absolute fan of the original Daggerfall game and the Daggerfall Unity recreation, I decided to try my hand at producing some mods of my own. Below is a list of those mods produced so far, the most recent at the top, and more will be added as I release them.


The Red Lantern Guild Mod

The Red Lantern Guild

Red Lantern bawdy houses are opening up all over the Iliac Bay; providing high-class prostitution to the masses, with profitable behind-the-scenes sidelines in espionage and blackmail. Read more and DOWNLOAD HERE.


Classes Expanded Mod

Classes Expanded

Adds 14 new Classes to choose from during Character Creation. Some taken from later TES games, adapted for Daggerfall and buffed, others are based on my fav custom classes. Read more and DOWNLOAD HERE.


Classes Redone Mod

Classes Redone

Buffs the default Classes, not only to make them more playable, but to toughen the Human Enemy NPCs and make them more of a challenge to your maxed out Custom Class PC. Read more and DOWNLOAD HERE.


Background Question And History Fixes Mod

Background Question And History Fixes

Corrects mistakes and omissions in the Background Questions during Character Creation and in the Character Histories that are accessible from your Character Sheet in game. Read more and DOWNLOAD HERE.


Games And Gambling Mod

Games And Gambling

Quest Pack that allows your PC to play and bet against NPCs in four Games of Chance and four Physical Challenges. Read more and DOWNLOAD HERE.


Prostitutes And Lovers Mod

Prostitutes And Lovers

Amorous assignations with prostitutes, commoners, nobles and courtesans. Sacred prostitution at House of Dibella! SOON fight a nefarious prostitution ring - House Sanguine! Read more and DOWNLOAD HERE.


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