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Foot Prints on the Ceiling

Tales of Dreadful Delight by Eloisa Lamond

Foot Prints on the Ceiling Cover

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Oh, how you long for dreadful delights, for the gloriously ghastly and the deliciously deranged! Congratulations, you have found it. FOOTPRINTS ON THE CEILING is a collection of literary horror short stories, each one a twisted mind-worm that will burrow into your consciousness - and stay there...

The Short Stories

MOTHER OF MADNESS - A secure psychiatric facility. A disturbed group of men. A dangerous idea that spreads quickly - with ghastly consequences

JIGSAW CAT - A widower left alone with his guilt. Contact with his dead wife. Is this forgiveness - or something else entirely?

CRIMES AGAINST POSTERITY - A metal detectorist discovers ancient treasure - and steals it. But the tenacious archaeologist on his trail is the least of his worries

AND THE DEVIL DID GRIN - A wolf in sheep’s clothing. A delusional woman in need of help. A diabolical solution

THE WALL THAT TALKED - A woman. A wall. A crack. A Voice. Where does it come from and what does it want?

FOOTPRINTS ON THE CEILING - An obsessive fetish. A mysterious intervention. A summoning. A catastrophic mistake

      Eloisa Lamond is a pseudonym of M. L. Hart, she can be contacted on Twitter @PerzefeniDiz. Ms Hart is currently working on her second novel and her rousing debut, The Curse of the Ivory Hermaphrodite, will be available soon.

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The Reviews

"Utterly unique!
So well written and so easy to read, these six tales are filled with such dreadful delights that you will finish it in one sitting and be clamoring for more."
5/5 stars!

Peter Guy Blacklock - goodreads.com

"Highly recommend!
A heady mix of horror, physcological trauma and mania along with empathy, wit and dark humour. Victims and villains you can sympathise with and loath and not necessarily in that order. A well written collection. Looking forward to Volume 2.
5/5 stars!

Stephen Allison - goodreads.com

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