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Dollar Dreadful Vol 1: A Tangle of Shadows eBook - original genre fiction!
Dollar Dreadful Vol 1:
A Tangle of Shadows
by M. L. Hart
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M. L. Hart Photo
M. L. Hart AKA Perzefeni Diz

- M. L. Hart -

- In-house Author at the 451 ePublishing Haus -

Welcome to the Author Page for M. L. Hart, AKA Perzefeni Diz. Ms Hart can be contacted on Twitter @PerzefeniDiz. As well as contributing to our blog, she is currently working on her second novel.
Her rousing début, The Curse of the Ivory Hermaphrodite, will be available soon.

- Author Bio -

M. L. Hart lives to avidly read, write and draw, all of which are a constant source of pleasure and inspiration for her. She is influenced by all kinds of dark and passionate literature, history, art, music, film and science. She had a chaotic working class upbringing in the north-east of England and, before the age of ten she had attempted 'attempted murder' - unluckily for her and the world, she did not go through with it. At the age of eleven, when her school burned down, they never could prove that she did it.

      She has lived a life of indulgent excess in London for the past eighteen years. She has a BA (hons) in Politics and has studied creative writing with Birkbeck and the Open University. She has published short story collections, articles and poems in various small press publications and has sworn an oath to the goddess of death that one day she will set the literary world ablaze.

- Works of Fiction Available Here -

The first volume of the Dollar Dreadful series of eBooks brings together three shocking short stories from M. L. Hart. This superb collection is all about sex and death. Each story, told in M. L. Hart's absolutely distinctive voice, tackles our eternal preoccupation with Eros and Thanatos, taking in themes of religion, power and control, mental illness, deviancy, violence, pyromania and murder. All three tales are deft, sensual and fully realised, maintaining their intrinsic force throughout. The stories do not fit easily into any one genre, featuring instead a blend of many that is characteristic of this exciting, unusual writer. Read more about this collection HERE.

- Small Press Publications -

Sacred Blue (a short fiction and poetry collection with Visionary Tongue)

Visionary Tongue (on six occasions / short fiction and poetry)

In Between Hangovers (short fiction)

Fortean Times Online (review)

Poetry Express (on three occasions / poetry)

Open Wide Magazine (short fiction)

Staple 47 (prize winning poem)

Raise The Bones (short fiction)

Black Poppy (short fiction and article)

Pen Pusher (poetry)

Arcane (article)


451 ePublishing Haus

M. L. Hart is an in-house author at the 451 ePublishing Haus.

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Rose Blood: The Phantasmagoriad Book One - An Anti-Verse Tale!
Rose Blood:
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by Peter Guy Blacklock
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