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Peter Guy Blacklock

in-house Author at the 451 ePublishing Haus

Welcome to the Author Page for Peter Guy Blacklock, AKA Harbinger451. He is a writer of fiction and non-fiction, an illustrator and graphic-artist, a web-designer and ePublisher, as well as a Lovecraftian, a ripperologist and an occultist.

Peter Guy Blacklock Photo
Peter Guy Blacklock AKA Harbinger451

Author Bio

Peter Guy Blacklock was born and raised in an unremarkable town in the north-east of England by a remarkably supportive and well adjusted working-class family. After 14 years of ineffective education he found himself in Art College, which led to twenty years employment as an Archaeological Illustrator in which he produced a wide variety of technical illustrations for publication as well as more general illustration, design and copy work on educational and display materials intended for schools and the general public. Eventually the hunt for a half decent salary within that occupation led him to the Museum of London and a move to the capitol where he still lives today in happily married bliss.

      He is passionate about genre fiction, film and games, has a fervent interest in history, mythology and folklore and is fascinated by the deeper meanings behind ritual practice, ceremonial magic and occult lore. He is a keen Ripperologist, a devout Lovecraftian and a determined new writer of dark-genre fiction and non-fiction books. A good deal of his spare time is spent online where, under his user-name of choice ‘Harbinger451’, he is creating a website (this one) and writing a blog that explore the alternative worlds that encompass his passions.

      Even when pressed, Peter Guy Blacklock will neither confirm nor deny any allegations, past or present, of practising black-magick, of devil worship, Satanism, human sacrifice or of the eating of babies.

Works of Fiction

Gaea Parallaxis: the chronicles and testaments of Citizen No Name Kane - an Anti-Verse Tale published in instalments, free online HERE.

Rose Blood: The Phantasmagoriad Book One - the first novel in a trilogy of Anti-Verse Tales, published in paperback and various eBook formats and available to buy HERE. This breakneck, erotically charged, Gothic fairytale - set in an alternate world full of gruesome horrors, dark fantasies, twisted trysts and hard-boiled heroics - is peopled with unique characters, many of whom subvert genre norms, and is steeped in authentic occult lore.

Moon Shade: The Phantasmagoriad Book Two - the second novel in a trilogy of Anti-Verse Tales, first draft currently being written. Will ultimately be published for sale in paperback and various eBook formats - hopefully this year.

Dollar Dreadful Volume 2: The Ninth Watcher - this volume of the Dollar Dreadful is a collection of three Peter Guy Blacklock Occult-Noir Horror short stories; The Ninth Watcher, Crucifixions Continue and The Matter of Time. To be published in various eBook formats and will be on sale soon.

A Legacy of Dirt: The Shunned Place - this novella (possibly) is a haunted house mystery wrapped up in elements of hard-boiled Noir and sanity shredding Lovecraftian Horror. To be published in paperback and ebook formats hopefully later this year. Currently writing the first darft, though the first two chapters can be read HERE.

(The Legend of) Phantom Jack and Willow Wisp - an Adult Fairy-Tale novella in the process of writing. Will ultimately be published for sale in various eBook formats.

The Parallaxed World - another Anti-Verse Tale, this one about a Victorian detective mysteriously transported to the parallel world. Not much more than an idea at the moment. Possibly to be published in instalments exclusively online.

Works of Non-Fiction

The Horror of it All... - an online guide to the wider genre of horror in fiction, film, fact and folklore; a massive undertaking that will build over time. Check out the beginnings of it HERE.

Ripperology 101 - an ongoing guide to the Whitechapel Murders commonly attributed to the unidentified serial killer known as Jack the Ripper. Published online HERE.

ABYSS: a Jack the Ripper Time-line - in the process of writing a detailed chronology of the Whitechapel Murders and the origins of Jack the Ripper that will be published to buy in various eBook formats.

The Universal Mythos - an ongoing universal system of occultism published free online HERE, very much a work in progress. Ultimately - in a much more detailed form - it will be published for sale in various eBook formats.

AntiHero RPG Rules - initially the core rules for a universal role playing game to be published free online HERE. Expansions to these rules will be published in various eBook formats to buy at a later date.


451 ePublishing Haus

Peter Guy Blacklock is an in-house author at the 451 ePublishing Haus.

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