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Ominous Anonymous

Decipher the Cipher

The word on the street, the writing on the wall, the signs of the time and the pulse of the citizenry! Together we are Strong! #TheShadowWatch via Harbinger451.

Ominous Anonymous will separate the truth from the lies. He/She seeks to expose injustice, fallacies and falsehoods, hypocrisy, corruption, inequality, maliciousness and inhumanity. Exposing the true enemies in this world - for there are “real monsters” - the Abusers, the Rapists, the Paedophiles, the Murderers, the Terrorists, the Torturers, the Kidnappers and the War-mongers... in what-ever walk of life they prowl. Helping bring down the bad-guys - join #TheShadowWatch.

If you have followed the Rabbit Hole this far, you must Crack the Code to go further...

Follow the White Rabbit down this rabbit hole soon!

Crack the 1st Barrier of #TheShadowWatch

Reveal the Secret of Secrets, the Mystery of Mysteries, the Conspiracy of Conspiracies
& The Truth of Truths by Deciphering the Cipher!

Cryptography CipherText 01:


Stay up-to-date and get clues to help you break the cryptographic cipher-text above (plus further cipher-texts to come) by following Ominous Anonymous on Twitter @DecipherDCipher!

The clues shared so far (with individual words seperated for easier reading/breaking) are...

#CipherClue 01:
12345678 91234567 8912345 6789123
Remember Remember Freedom Forever
zv.,)+dy 7m45$"_q m7mv4&) =nyt4v#

#CipherClue 02:
1 2345 6789 123 456 7 8912 3456 7891
a fair days pay for a fair days work
i w1#| )|68 xr[ ;=i | mpq9 40gj vv7s

#CipherClue 03:
123 4567891 23 45678912 3456
Big brother is watching you!
jz7 !*fsotz z@ _@kbowvx [&c2

#CipherClue 04:
123 4567891 234 567891234
Who watches the watchmen?
5y; _@kbot1 !8, e-sjwuv,k

Check out Ominous Anonymous' Breaking News: Anonymous Twitter List. Please subscribe to stay updated. Exposing the true enemies of freedom and progress - for there are “real monsters” out there, real badguys, despots, kingpins, villains and enemies trying to bring down our hard fought for civilisation and through that, they wish to destroy our humanity.

The Shadow Watch

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